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Cowboys, outlaws, ghosts, demons, werewolves. These are all good issues. Mix them collectively and also you get the Bizarre Western style, which should absolutely be a fair higher factor, proper? Laborious West 2 makes case for it, standing as a tactical bizarre western that is aware of this style has to look, really feel, and sound good in the beginning — even when which means generally it does not truly play as easily as you would like.

Laborious West 2 is extra of a thematic sequel to 2015’s Laborious West versus a literal one. It tells a brand new, unrelated story throughout its 20-30 hour marketing campaign, with three difficulties of escalating brutality to select from, and even completionists should not actually fear about taking part in the unique earlier than this one. The world design is de facto what attracts you in past the superficial floor. You lead a posse of badass cowboys on the verge of the supernatural within the Laborious West. After a nasty take care of a nasty satan goes badly flawed, you’re down a number of souls and would very very similar to them again. In actual fact, the plan is to get them again on the barrel of a gun. (The satan’s identify is Mammon, by the way in which, and he has an especially cool ghost prepare with large metallic centipede legs.)

Laborious West 2 Screens

The marketing campaign is cut up between doing dialogue-driven quests in overworld areas and diving into turn-based fight missions for many of the playtime. The writing each out and in of missions is hit and miss. It has various strains with bizarre grammar or eye-rolling cliches, however does the job effectively sufficient that I wasn’t skipping cutscenes or text-only descriptions.

Shoot Em Up

The centerpiece of Laborious West 2 are its tactical battles. They’re fairly good, however for every little thing I like about them I dislike one thing else. The fight is dependable and has minimal irritating randomization, however on the tougher missions that makes it really feel extra like a puzzle than tactical train. That distinction issues too: On the middle-of-the-road Laborious issue I needed to restart a number of missions, some as many as 5 occasions, to determine the answer to that puzzle and get a win. That is balanced in opposition to the versatile character talents and neat weapons obtainable. Mixed, they kind a variety of powers that synergize with well-designed environments to allow tips, combos, and chained kills.

You get three actions per flip, with capturing normally taking two or three of these, that means that the foundations general favor defensive combating. Your assaults do mounted harm based mostly on the weapon used, and all that adjustments is the possibility to hit based mostly on vary, elevation, and the enemy’s cowl. Mixed with that defensive focus you have got an actual downside to beat when closing in on new teams of enemies: They will in all probability get efficient pictures at you earlier than you get some at them.

Minimal randomization could make some missions really feel like puzzles.

Fortunately, you have got 4 instruments to play with. The primary is trick capturing, which lets sure weapons bounce bullets off of metallic objects to bypass enemy cowl. The second is luck, that means that missed pictures (amongst different issues) fill a pool to spend on bonuses to assaults in later turns. The third are your character talents, distinctive powers everybody has: Like Outdated Man Invoice, who’s stuffed with bullets and likes to ship them again on the enemy in an explosive burst, or Flynn, who can magically swap locations with anybody she will be able to see, ally or enemy, at the price of a little bit well being.

The fourth instrument is Bravado, the important thing system that permits you to overcome enemy benefit. When your characters get a kill they instantly refill all their motion factors. They’ll try this as many occasions per flip as you will get kills, and organising somebody to get 4, 5, or six kills in a single flip is the most effective a part of Laborious West 2. It is also a pressure on that puzzle-like issue: There’s all the time the sensation that you could possibly higher optimize the mounted harm numbers of your weapons in opposition to the enemy’s well being. You try this arithmetic each flip, continuously, for increasingly kills, and the upper difficulties demand you steadiness optimum kill counts in opposition to defensive motion to succeed.

However past that standout mechanic, the fight does not do a lot that is new or distinctive, and even lacks a number of issues I might anticipate — you possibly can’t vault most small objects, for instance, and plenty of cowl is indestructible even to dynamite. That, and people space of impact assaults are two dimensional, which ends up in odd conditions like not having the ability to shoot somebody together with your shotgun as a result of they’re on a balcony beneath you. That mentioned, the nice qualities of these fight methods outweigh the frustrations, and a mixture of fascinating enemies and different missions do hold it contemporary all through.

The Wild Bunch

Each mission is filled with bizarre western litter and character that not solely appears to be like good however serves as cowl so that you can work together with and mess around. Rickety wood frontier streets filled with hanging indicators and massive marble banks on the finish, ramshackle homesteads cluttered with disused farm tools, sprawling occult-plus-steampunk mining operations — I feel you get it. The objects and visuals in missions are actual fairly, even disproportionately so in comparison with the design and writing, and the sound design and voice performing have only a few flaws. There’s additionally an awesome soundtrack, courtesy of Lifeless Area and Tomb Raider composer Jason Graves.

It is not simply the environment that is received loads happening, both. The enemies you battle are bizarre and funky, starting from run-of-the-mill bandits and lawmen to demonic cultist covens, wendigos, and senseless revenant gunmen. There’s even a little bit of historic inspiration, with one native antagonist group being a mustache-twirling, evil twin mirror model of the real-life Ghost Dance Motion. (Laborious West 2 doesn’t, fortunately, fall into the atrocious lure of portray the numerous native peoples of the west with one brush, even when lots of its depictions are extra fantasy than actuality.)

Your celebration members are workout routines in memorable character design.

Gin Carter, the roguish gambler and chief who now lacks a soul, is a fairly generic RPG chief so that you can inhabit, however your different celebration members are workout routines in memorable character design. You’ve got received Kevin Conroy as Outdated Man Invoice, who died a very long time in the past and is de facto grumpy about coming again; Lazarus, a fire-and-brimstone-and-bullets preacher; Cla’lish, voiced by Mela Lee, a no-nonsense pacific northwestern native tracker and sharpshooter who may commune with and summon the lifeless.

However there are two actual standouts: First, Brandi Hollsten as Flynn, the orphaned-at-birth girl blessed/cursed with highly effective witch talents. She’s a relative newcomer, however the actress is certainly one to look at. After which the character I at first disliked, however later cherished: Laughing Deer, a fully clinically insane sociopath of a warrior. He likes to harm individuals and take issues, and he does not fake in any other case. Whereas that is generally a recipe for a one-note boring character, voice actor Adam Gifford brings an unhinged, scenery-chewing depth to LD that I can not assist however love. Voice administrators: Please solid Adam Gifford to do extra over-the-top characters.

It does not damage that Laughing Deer can be very, very enjoyable to make use of in tactical fight. He is the reigning king of Bravado-fueled killstreaks: In spite of everything, you are by no means on the flawed angle for a killshot while you’re in melee vary.

Constructed Laborious, Kill’t Laborious

These characters are all set personalities – Laborious West 2 has some character constructing features, and tools to fiddle with, however make no mistake: That is very a lot a techniques sport. The RPG components are successfully restricted to dialogue decisions, there are not any character ranges, and practically each character buff is transferable between missions from one celebration member to a different. These buffs principally come within the type of playing cards, that are mission rewards, of which any character can maintain 5. By forming poker arms with these playing cards you unlock increasingly of a personality’s passive talents and improve their energetic one. It is a pleasant, thematic strategy to gear up and I completely cherished it.

What I did not love was how inflexible that felt. Every character is primed to be finest at one or two particular issues, and there is little-to-no motive to not gear them up for that and that alone. There are additionally some subpar designs mechanically, like Lazarus. Although I cherished his character, he has powers that revolve round when a celebration member goes down… in a sport the place the entire mainline story missions immediately fail when you lose a single character… regardless that there is not any permadeath and most different missions allow you to lose as many as you need.

Why would I exploit my valuable few everlasting upgrades on Lazarus once I cannot reap the advantages within the hardest missions? The everlasting upgrades come from making buddies together with your posse members, which occurs in choices out on the path. Higher buddies get boosted talents — and generally extra dialogue choices enabling completely different rewards and alternate paths throughout the text-driven world map quests. It is a good supply of character moments, but it surely feels unhealthy to choose the dialogue you want when it will hamstring you in fight.

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