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Hard West 2 review – absolutely stellar fun

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Intelligent tweaks to an excellent method make this a techniques sport simply constructed for experimentation.

Somebody as soon as wrote – I am unable to discover the piece, in fact – that the explanation Peanuts is healthier, and in addition weirder and sadder, than different gag comedian strips is that it has 4 panels fairly than three. Most comedian strips discover that three is sufficient, and why would not it’s sufficient? Setup, growth, punchline. The fourth panel in Peanuts is the place issues get bizarre and unhappy. A second after the joke. A human second, awkward and sensible and sometimes deeply memorable.

Anyway, I considered this yesterday when pondering why most XCOM-alike techniques video games have two motion factors, whereas Exhausting West 2 has three.

Let’s take it again to the beginning: Jake Solomon’s XCOM reboot Enemy Unknown hit on one thing very particular when it lowered the complexity of a turn-based techniques sport all the way down to a easy thought: every unit can do two issues per flip. You may transfer and shoot, or you may transfer twice, and so forth and so forth. It is probably not a discount in complexity, really, however a intelligent repositioning of complexity. By making the principles of the sport clear and non-fiddly, it allowed gamers to grasp that the actually partaking choices lay on the market on the precise battlefield. It wasn’t easy methods to transfer and shoot, it was what you may do by way of shifting and capturing.

A Exhausting West 2 gameplay trailer.

Deep breath. A lot of video games took that and ran with it. It grew to become clear, in actual fact, that Solomon and his staff at Firaxis had mainly created a brand new sub-genre in techniques video games: the XCOM-alike. Quite a lot of XCOM-alikes take the two-action-points-per-turn enterprise and transpose it to a brand new theme. You get nice video games like this, of which I consider the unique Exhausting West was one. XCOM however ghostly cowboys. Sure please.

However three motion factors? That is correctly constructing on the fundamentals of the style in attention-grabbing methods. Transfer, then shoot, after which…? Answering that query is the place quite a lot of the enjoyable of Exhausting West 2 lies. (I assume Exhausting West 2 introduces the third motion level, however irrespective of if I am fallacious and it is within the first sport – Exhausting West 2’s actually been the sport through which I first began to essentially take into consideration the entire thing.) What sort of enjoyable? Enjoyable like synergies between items! Synergies like, you realize, blowing up one other of your individual items on objective.

Maintain that thought. Proper. Exhausting West 2 is one other spooky cowboy sport. It is the previous west, however every thing’s gothic and horrifying. A ghost practice is terrorising the plains, managed by an precise demon who has a correct beef with you. Get a posse collectively, device up, and get after the practice. That is all you might want to know in regards to the plot, actually, apart from that it permits for ambushes, financial institution jobs, mining city shoot-outs, practice robberies, and all that nice cowboy stuff – with added ghosts, in fact.

Hard West 2

The story sections really feel a bit extra restrained than within the first sport, nevertheless it’s nonetheless a blast.

Taken as an XCOM-alike it is nonetheless an exemplary drive for readability. As a substitute of constructing a base between missions you progress round a map, uncovering new places like cities and haunted shacks and evil timber. You play out narrative set-pieces that will strengthen bonds with members of your posse (these grant new traits and talents) or get you some additional loot or money. You heal in cities – after every mission right here, you don’t auto-heal, which is value figuring out from the off – and also you speak to sheriffs and tackle facet quests and hand around in saloons. After which there are the missions themselves.

Let’s take it one factor at a time. You may select a number of your posse to enter every mission, and you may equip them with weapons and sub-weapons starting from pistols to rifles to melee whacking issues. You can provide them stat-boosting trinkets and tools like band-aids or grenades or tins of beans. And you’ll equip them with taking part in playing cards – this undoubtedly was within the unique Exhausting West nevertheless it’s so good we’ll go over it once more right here, as a result of I like it.

Taking part in playing cards! You win them from missions after which use them to make palms. Every unit can have a 5 card hand, and relying on which playing cards you give them, it opens up new traits and talents. A pair may let you swap XP with an ally, two pair may grant you a standing impact after a kill, whereas a flush may let you swap an in-battle useful resource for a full heal. This is the factor, although: 5 playing cards. Not a lot to play with, is it? So in case you have a flush, good for you – however you may’t have two pair on the similar time. So traits and talents are this infinite alternative. The lord giveth and taketh away, with a flourish. It is the type of character construct alternative that I really like in a sport like this, as a result of it is thrilling – skills are thrilling – nevertheless it’s additionally painful. It hurts to lose out on one thing, even only for one mission. And it makes you lust over these playing cards like they’re made from diamond.

Hard West 2


All of these items issues as a result of missions require absolutely the most of you and your items. You may screw up right here since you took the fallacious items onto the battlefield, but additionally as a result of they’d the fallacious tools on them, and the fallacious playing cards firing the fallacious abilities and talents to flickering life. That is not fairly true, as a result of it makes it sound infuriating and binary. What I imply is that I’ve made the fallacious picks for the play fashion that it seems I wish to play on the map I’m confronted with at that second. Maps are enormous and rangey right here – valleys and chasms and dusty important streets that go on for ages. Loads of enemies, and various kinds of enemies. And let’s cease right here for a second to speak in regards to the one factor in Exhausting West 2 that I really like most of all.

It is known as Bravado, and it is so good that I might see the genre-shifting potential in it once I first examine it in an excited electronic mail from a good friend. These three motion factors: use them to kill an enemy, and WHAM. You get all of them again once more. So that you kill somebody, and also you get a unit utterly refreshed. Possibly you then kill another person: WHAM. Bravado kicks in and also you’re good to go as soon as extra. You may chain kills, refreshing your self with every useless baddy.

The top results of all these things is that I’ve completed a mission after which instantly replayed it, fairly than shifting onto the following. The following can be nice, certain, however I wish to experiment with what I simply performed once more.

A lot to speak about right here. Firstly, sure, it signifies that a display crammed with baddies may really be a flip’s work fairly than a complete night, which may be very good in case you have a dinner reservation. Secondly, it provides a chugging propulsiveness to the sport that rivals the pounding power of essentially the most thundering wild west locomotive. Thematic resonance, mates. Additionally! It encourages you to take dangers – to over-extend your self since you’re betting huge. It encourages you to make use of your items collectively – you whittle these guys down after which I’ll sweep in and kill them one two three similar to that, to butcher a beloved cummings poem. And in addition: you may set off bravado even in the event you kill one among your individual guys, by blowing them up. Repeat: blowing up your individual guys is a synergy technique right here, and much from the one one.

I’ll depart you to unravel the synergies themselves, as a result of there’s three acts-worth of enjoyable in that alone. Suffice to say enemy designs solely make issues extra tricksy and compelling. Grenade guys – I neglect the precise names, demolishers? – are the worst. The second they seem and begin to cost I drop what I am doing and attempt to take them out. Not as a result of grenades are a ache, though they’re, however as a result of grenades trigger bleeding, and bleeding leeches HP with each motion a personality takes, till they’re appropriately healed. So drop every thing and get the grenade guys. Ditto the evil spooky guys who can swap HP with you. Ditto the fellows who can regain HP between turns: meat grinder territory. Exhausting West 2 is not in opposition to throwing in some gentle targets to show Bravado into somewhat set-piece puzzle once you’re in a spot, however the deeper you go, the extra you end up serious about goal prioritisation above all else. Who to kill first.

Hard West 2

There is a pretty vary of environments.

And who to do it with. That is lastly the place the character abilities are available. You might have to heal your characters after every battle, however on the plus facet, you may’t lose them for good – in the event that they die in a mission, they resuscitate afterwards. This implies you may be taking the identical handful of heroes by way of your entire sport, and studying easy methods to get essentially the most out of their abilities over an extended time frame. And what abilities! One man can barrage every thing in a path in entrance of him. One other can swap locations with one other unit, hurting them as they go, successfully pulling a sniper, say, down from a distant tower and into the midst of your posse. Even commonplace weapons really feel a bit like abilities once you be taught to make use of ricochet, focusing on sure items of the surroundings to shoot round corners and pull off not possible pictures. Each sport that has cowl also needs to have ricochet. It is a deal with.

The top results of all these things – and I am leaving some issues out, I am certain, like horses! You may journey horses right here! – is that I’ve completed a mission after which instantly replayed it, fairly than shifting onto the following. The following can be nice, certain, however I wish to experiment with what I simply performed once more. I wish to attempt a distinct method – staying excessive for an influence increase, or utilizing luck extra, a system that sees you acquire a better likelihood to hit enemies with each shot you miss, and each shot that misses you. I wish to see what occurs if I do not prioritise the enemies I believe I ought to, or if I transfer faster, or take totally different paths.

I really like techniques video games, I believe, due to all genres, these are the video games you actually dwell in. You progress so quick by way of a platformer or an FPS, however with a techniques sport I can spend a half hour spinning the display, clicking on enemies, making an attempt to get a bit extra out of a transfer I have not even made but. I lean again and I lean ahead, taking in the entire vista one second, after which pondering the potential of a single unit, a single ability, the following. All of that and ghostly cowboys? All of that and Bravado? All of that and that third motion level to make sense of? Sure please. Completely.

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