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FGO Ooku Rerun Brings Kama and Kiara Mazing Mayhem

Destiny/Grand Order followers could also be cooling off from the Servant Summer time Camp occasion, however there’s extra to expertise for these with vitality remaining. Proper on the heels of the Summer time 2022 conclusion is a rerun of final yr’s spring occasion: Tokugawa Restoration Labyrinth, Ooku. The FGO Ooku rerun provides gamers who didn’t full the occasion the primary time one other likelihood to clear it. Those that did get by way of the maze can do it once more for extra rewards, in addition to a number of new goodies.

The FGO Ooku rerun is, as earlier than, primarily based on Seventeenth-century Japan and the convoluted design of Edo citadel. The seat of energy for the Tokugawa Shogunate, Edo citadel was intentionally designed to confuse potential intruders, with its full format acquainted solely to these purported to be there. One characteristic of Edo and comparable castles is the Ooku, or “nice inside”, an internal chamber that capabilities as the ladies’s quarters. Girls linked to the Shogun resided there, forbidden from leaving. Equally, the Ooku was forbidden to males unaccompanied by the Shogun, with intruders shortly put to dying. In FGO‘s rendition, the Ooku of Edo citadel has been supernaturally reworked right into a sinister maze, trapping these inside in a hell of corruption and decadence.

Try a subtitled anime trailer for the FGO Ooku rerun, narrated by Rie Tanaka, who voices Sessyoin Kiara. Kiara performs a significant function within the occasion story, as does Kama, primarily based on the Hindu deity of affection and need. She returns the FGO gacha banner for a restricted time as a 5-Star Murderer-class Servant with a wickedly highly effective Noble Illusion.

For gameplay, the Ooku rerun will problem FGO gamers to navigate the treacherous corridors of the corrupted Ooku. They’ll unlock corridors and new flooring every day, traversing the maze and battling monsters. As a rerun, the occasion’s rewards are tuned to offer a extra relaxed expertise and faster completion.

Destiny/Grand Order is on the market on iOS and Android units. The FGO Ooku rerun will final till August 15, 2022. FGO can even be out there in additional nations.

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