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Modders discover Elden Ring’s toughest boss used to be even tougher

As if the sport wasn’t laborious sufficient already, it seems Elden Ring’s hardest boss was even harder.

Dataminers have managed to entry model 1.0 of the sport – a model that was compiled on eighth October 2021, earlier than the community take a look at was held and earlier than current patches might be utilized.

As detailed on YouTube by Kotn3l (noticed by PC Gamer), the sport’s most notorious boss, Malenia, used to have slight variations to her moveset that made her much more aggressive.

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Kotn3l modded into the sport all of the previous enemy and merchandise placements, the UI, merchandise descriptions, and a few AI information to see how model 1.0 would have performed.

Particularly, Malenia’s signature Waterfowl Dance capacity has been altered over time. Initially it was not tied to well being, which means it could set off far more often.

Furthermore, this older model of the boss has a special model of the transfer. Kotn3l believes that what we now know as Waterfowl Dance was really known as Malenia’s Blade, judging by the sword description, and sees the caster transferring “nearly too quick for the bare eye as they repeatedly shift place and slash on the enemy”.

The older Malenia was ready to make use of each strikes interchangeably.

She’s additionally in a position to block assaults repeatedly, whereas within the second part her bloom explosion is slower and her leaping Aenoia transfer is extra frequent.

“Upon encountering Malenia, her AI was a tiny bit completely different, unpolished even on this model of the sport. Essentially the most notable change is that she nonetheless has entry to her ‘previous’ Waterfowl, which modders have found earlier than,” says kotn3l within the video description.

Malenia has really turn out to be the icon of the sport, because of each her excessive issue degree and the unbelievable work of participant Let Me Solo Her, who was delivered a sword by writer Bandai Namco for his or her efforts in beating her a thousand instances.

Malenia in Elden Ring ver. 1.0

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