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Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Character Voice Over Update Patch Notes

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl is one in every of three video games that grew to become accessible for PS Plus Important members at this time, June 7, and simply in time for the sport’s addition to the service, the newest replace has added full character voice-overs to be heard throughout each struggle. There are additionally gadgets that can be utilized to show the tide of battle.

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl June 7 Patch Notes

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl

At this time’s replace is the sport’s largest replace but and has added voice-overs to characters like SpongeBob, Ren & Stimpy, Garfield, Patrick Star, and Korra. In keeping with Gematsu, the complete listing of actors concerned with the voice-overs are:

  • Jim Cummings: Shredder / CatDog (Cat)
  • Tom Kenny: SpongeBob / CatDog (Canine)
  • Invoice Fagerbakke: Patrick
  • Carolyn Lawrence: Sandy
  • Alex Cazares: Oblina
  • Jim Meskimen: Nigel Thornberry
  • Richard Horvitz: Zim
  • Vivian Vencer: Toph
  • Dustin Sardella: Aang
  • Janet Varney: Korra
  • Fred Tatasciore: Reptar
  • Bentley Griffin: Lincoln Loud
  • Jessica DiCicco: Lucy Loud
  • Francesca Marie Smith: Helga
  • Townsend Coleman: Michelangelo
  • Cam Clarke: Leonardo
  • Abby Trott: April O’Neil
  • Frank Welker: Garfield
  • Billy West: Ren & Stimpy
  • David Kaye: Powdered Toast Man
  • David Kaufman: Danny
  • Phantom Janice Kawaye: Jenny

The replace additionally provides usable gadgets just like the Krabby Patty, Sokka’s boomerang, Tommy’s ball, a Reptar toy, and Log from Blammo. A lot of the gadgets can be utilized to instantly hit opponents or to be thrown at them, though gamers who simply need the sport’s unique expertise can toggle these off. The full patch notes will be seen under:


  • By unanimous request, Brawler voiceovers are right here! Benefit from the quips and grunts of your favourite brawlers as you play!
  • Prepare for chaos as ITEMS crash into Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl!. Flip the tide of the battle as you seize, hit and throw all new gadgets that seem across the stage! Merchandise controls are accessible by way of the battle choices.


  • Common
    • Default inventory depend elevated from three to 4.
    • Airdashing now has a two-frame warmup earlier than a personality begins touring. This warmup is skipped when making contact with the bottom.
    • Participant indicators will probably be hidden if a personality is performing an motion that makes them invisible.
    • Attacking a blocking opponent not incurs self-hitlag.
  • Phases
    • Common
      • Made all damaging hitboxes transient.
    • Harmonic Convergence
      • Higher part of the stage is now completely flat.
    • Rooftop Rumble
    • Irken Armada Invasion
      • Lowered ceiling by three models.
    • Tremorton Joyride
      • Made it simpler to scale up the underside of the stage with out colliding with a ceiling.
      • Overhauled the collision system of the shifting platform, eradicating a number of bugs related to the previous implementation.
  • Characters
    • Sandy
      • Gentle Mid 1
        • Modified so the second hit is now manually activated, the primary hit can now be utilized in isolation.
        • Single-hit body size decreased (20f → 17f).
        • Harm elevated (3 → 4).
        • Launch angle elevated (15° → 36°).
        • Knockback elevated (10 → 25).
        • Stun decreased (30 → 18)
        • Blockstun decreased (10 → 7).
        • Blockpush decreased (1 → 0.5)
        • Blocklag decreased (3 → 2).
        • Hitlag decreased (5 → 4).
        • Self-hitlag decreased (5 → 4).
      • Gentle Mid 2
        • Harm elevated (4 → 5).
        • Launch angle elevated (15° → 27°).
        • Knockback decreased (80 → 50).
        • Knockback acquire decreased (112.5 → 95) Stun decreased (30 → 29).
        • Stun acquire elevated (0 → 11).
      • Particular Mid
        • Fastened bug the place lasso followups couldn’t be buffered.
        • As soon as per airtime, a lasso hooking within the air will give Sandy a small vertical hop for simpler followups.
    • Shredder
      • Aerial Gentle Mid 1
        • DI angle elevated (0° → 16°).
        • Launch angle modified (372°→ 371°).
          • Translation: Now matches preliminary hit properties of different multi-hit assaults
    • Danny Phantom
      • Getup Assault
        • Hitboxes rearranged to seem on Danny’s toes.
        • Animation timing readjusted to make sure bigger protection of leg sweep.
    • Lucy Loud
      • Normal
        • Vampire mode’s bounce peak decreased.
        • Ghost mode’s bounce peak elevated.
    • Nigel Thornberry
      • Aerial Gentle Mid 1
        • Harm decreased (2 → 1).
        • Knockback elevated (5 → 8).
        • Stun decreased (10 → 8).
        • Hitlag decreased (2 →0).
        • Self-hitlag elevated (0 → 2).
    • Garfield
      • Aerial Gentle Down 1
        • DI angle elevated (0° → 16°).
    • Jenny
      • Aerial Gentle Up
        • Umbrella can now be held and retracted with the second stick.
      • Aerial Gentle Down
        • DI angle elevated (0° → 16°).

In different information, the newest The Division 2 replace has added the much-delayed Fairview Crew Attire occasion. Elsewhere, Bend Studio has confirmed their new AAA PS5 sport will probably be set in an entire new world.

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