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Ghost Reaper Girl Tells a Magical Girl Horror Story

We’ve seen horror takes on the magical lady idea earlier than. Puella Magi Madoka Magica and its offshoots are good examples. Now Ghost Reaper Lady, a Shonen Bounce manga from Rosario + Vampire creator Akihisa Ikeda underneath the identify Akissa Saiké, looks like the same type of exploration of the idea. Besides this time, the contract entails ghosts and buying powers is tied to possession.

Ghost Reaper Lady’s identify comes from a campy, low-budget, in-game present. Chloe Love is a lady who grew up ravenous and determined. Her dream has at all times been to guide a “shining life.” In an try to take action, she’s been attempting to make her approach as an actress. It isn’t going nicely. Except for the one horror present, she’s solely had bit elements. Nevertheless, whereas at an interview for a brand new function, she discovers one other expertise. Her physique is outwardly an ideal match to be possessed by any spirit. The innate energy of her soul makes her extremely interesting to all ghosts because of this.

Ghost Reaper Girl Manga Volume 1It comes at a foul time! There was primarily a religious jailbreak, and the human world is infested. Happily, an Arkham Bullet agent named Kai Izod is round proper as she’s being chased and attacked by the ghost contained in the producer who was interviewing her. Kai, coincidentally sufficient, knew of her from the present. He explains that by making a contract and dealing collectively, she’ll be secure and he’ll get the human physique essential to cope with ghosts possessing folks and inflicting harm in the actual world. There’s even a reference to Madoka when this comes up!

That is when Ghost Reaper Lady will get fascinating. Chloe’s grasp and servant relationship with Kai leads to a magical girl-like transformation. Her look adjustments. She will get a brand new outfit. Her skills are enhanced. Kai even turns into each a weapon and a mascot character. He turns into the scythe she wields. (He even will get comically massive eyes and a smile.) Chloe does good on this type! She sends spirits again to Hades! Kai says she may even change into well-known and wealthy!

What makes it stand out is that Ghost Reaper Lady doesn’t draw back from horror. In its first chapters, we see all kinds of physique horror. The spirits possessing folks manifest from their mouths in terrifying methods. We additionally see them try to take Chloe’s physique by power. When she encounters one other hostile spirit, the particular person doesn’t hesitate to get violent with Chloe and Kai. Assaults contain ripping into folks and precise harm. It even looks like dying is a doable consequence for people.

All of it ties collectively very nicely within the first quantity of Ghost Reaper Lady. Chloe is a longtime lady accustomed to survival. We get to see an uncommon technique of energy acquisition, one which usually goes in numerous instructions in horror tales. It doesn’t draw back from violence. However there’s nonetheless the sense of levity that comes from a type of “monster of the week” system that’s teased a bit in its preliminary chapters. I really feel like there’s plenty of potential for it to go some fascinating locations.

The primary quantity of Ghost Reaper Lady quantity 1 shall be out there in English from Viz Media on June 7, 2022.

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