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Seven Pirates H Switch Review

You could have observed that over the previous few years I’ve lined fairly just a few fan-service video games. Surprisingly, the rationale I typically decide these sorts of video games up is that they typically have some actually attention-grabbing and typically even fully distinctive mechanics which push the business ahead. I gained’t lie, I do additionally benefit from the odd little bit of smutty humour, even when I’ve generally criticised the extent to which the fan service often goes

Properly, it’s time for an additional entry on this seemingly ongoing sequence, “Video games which shouldn’t be performed on public transport.” Let’s take a look at Seven Pirates H.

Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates H is the fourth entry within the Genkai Tokki sequence, following Monster Monpiece, Moe Chronicle and Moero Crystal. All initially developed for the PlayStation Vita’s Asian market, the second, third and now fourth entries have slowly trickled their means over to the west as Nintendo Change ports – see our critiques of the earlier ports at https://invisioncommunity.co.uk/moero-chronicle-hyper-review/ and https://invisioncommunity.co.uk/moero-crystal-h-review/ respectively. In my earlier encounters with the sequence, I’ve praised the tongue-in-cheek character and creature designs, distinctive aesthetics and attention-grabbing concepts delivered to the desk while discovering the fan-service invasive at greatest, creepy at worst. After I discovered that the following one, Seven Pirates H, had a swashbuckling aesthetic I simply needed to strive it; however sadly in lots of areas, it looks like a giant step backwards from the heights of Moero Crystal H.

You begin Seven Pirates enjoying as Parute, a younger Pirate shipwrecked on an island and looking for a ship. She has a magic compass, which apparently can level to a legendary treasure, however which hasn’t really labored for so long as she’s had it. Fortunately for her, Otton – the one returning character and infamous pervert dick-seal – drops in and is ready to get it working. From this level on, you management her and her rising band of pirate monster-girls as they seek for treasure on the excessive seas.

It’s a fairly simple plot, and while it’s no Monkey Island it will get the ball rolling. On the intense aspect, not less than you aren’t looking for panties this time. As she travels round looking for treasure Parute encounters varied monster ladies, every with a singular look. While in earlier titles the playable roster has been very in depth (80+ I feel; I’ve to confess I by no means acquired round to discovering them ALL,) Seven Pirates H has 7, though you do come throughout others. As soon as all seven treasures are collected there are just a few extra occasions, however total the plot is fairly bland in comparison with earlier video games. Admittedly, the plots of the others weren’t precisely Shakespeare – looking for the panties of sunshine and the bra of darkness being a very unusual quest – but it surely nearly looks like this time round they have been extra centered on the transition to 3D than together with fairly as a lot ridiculous humour and attention-grabbing story-beats.

Character Designs

Fortunately, a number of the character designs themselves are simply nearly as good as final time; although they’re far much less quite a few. I’ve all the time loved the distinctive means through which characters have portrayed their monstrous inspirations – utilizing lore and mythology to tell design – and while there isn’t as a lot originality of thought within the designs I did like just a few. Jewel is a infamous slime lady with a large gun, and I like the truth that her hat, hair and a few of her clothes are made totally of mentioned blue slime. All through her design are quite a few skulls, paying homage to the concept in video games resembling Dungeons and Dragons slimes are fearsome foes due to their capacity to soften natural matter. In different phrases, I feel just a few folks acquired a bit too shut! Then there’s Claret, who’s impressed by the Kraken and different big squid monsters. Her headdress creates a beak-like form and her clothes – which splits on the backside into tendril-like strips – is roofed in studs and buckles which resemble suckers. Her character additionally fully matches this idea, together with her really monstrous urges conflicting together with her fairly face to nice impact. Each examples mirror what I like about this sequence – distinctive and unique twists on mythological creatures, however sadly, there are way more duds this time round. Sakyura – the demon/succubus – is virtually nude other than just a few strips of leather-based (granted, barely resembling wings,) and her horns. Sure, it’s arguably demonic, however I’ve seen it earlier than too many instances. Poron is meant to be a skeleton, however surely, the one skeletal facets of her are the a number of cranium motifs on her jacket and hair clips. Whenever you examine these to the kitsune Yoko, the kikimora Papain and Moero Crystal H’s skeleton Neferia it’s simple to seek out them disappointingly missing. I perceive that the pirate aesthetic left much less room for originality within the designs, and I like the actual fact they typically caught to monsters present in that setting, however there’s no excuse for this dip in high quality after setting the bar so excessive. Earlier than, characters had clearly distinct personalities derived from their inspiration however which additionally made them their very own character. Right here, the monstrous origins are more durable to seek out and the personalities simply appear to meld into each other. There aren’t even every other costume choices right here – while in earlier titles, every lady had not less than 4, with not less than one among them displaying a lighter, extra humorous aspect to them.

Enemy design has additionally had a definite drop in high quality, with most easily getting back from earlier video games with copious recolours. They’re nonetheless all both genital-inspired or tongue-in-cheek, however the precise variety of unique designs has taken a dip and I discovered their 3D representations missing within the appeal and humour of earlier entries.


The gameplay this time round has had a giant change too – switching from a first-person dungeon crawl to a 3D third-person wander. Beforehand, you’d search a dungeon’s many flooring in a turn-based vogue, with occasions occurring as you moved, random encounters and fight taking place in a turn-based, static-sprite vogue. While the fight stays a turn-based RPG affair, exploration of the dungeons is free-moving with overworld monsters which will be averted. On one hand, it feels simpler to interact with, and I preferred with the ability to get hold of sure enemies when searching for explicit loot. Nonetheless, the draw back to that is that dungeon design has additionally taken a dive off of a cliff, with principally linear areas and little or no in the best way of reaching the exit. Earlier than, an space would take quite a few hours and a number of journeys, however that’s all been stripped down leaving them feeling a bit chilly and lifeless regardless of the tropical solar. Once more, it’s disappointing to see.

Exterior of those areas, you journey round a comparatively giant, 2D open sea map, which slowly expands as you full quests. These quests are delivered by the Booby-kin, who you discover in your adventures and who gives information, retailers and in-battle talents. Sadly, the quests they supply boil all the way down to both killing quite a few a sure enemy or gathering a sure sort of merchandise, resulting in a hefty quantity of grinding within the under-levelled areas for the sake of it. Nothing attention-grabbing, simply “fetch this” or “kill that.” There are additionally some restricted character occasions on this map, however once more, they’re simply brief VA cutscenes with out the character or appeal of earlier titles.

Fight System

The fight system, fortunately, does convey with it just a few new mechanics; though I nonetheless don’t really feel it replaces what has been stripped out adequately. As a substitute of parts every lady now has a kind and the red-green-blue kinds a type-effectiveness triangle. You’ll be able to change every lady’s sort utilizing sure talents in battle – a welcome addition – however there’s far an excessive amount of emphasis on this with precise injury quantity being vastly modified by it. It additionally doesn’t assist that primary assaults do negligible injury. Every lady has particular assaults, nonetheless, that are activated utilizing their H vitality. This builds up by profitable assaults and taking injury. At 100, the lady enters an elevated state often known as “excited,” and at max, they enter “aroused,” from which they’ll die after quite a few rounds however which additionally permits them to make use of final talents. Utilizing the specials (consisting of standing modifications, buff/debuffs, poisoning and therapeutic and many others.) is the one actual option to do any vital injury, and sadly, it takes an excellent variety of rounds to construct up the meter. Battles typically really feel drawn out as you wait both for a smaller capacity to be usable or their arousal assault to be prepared. The smaller assaults barely even have their very own animations. Fortunately not less than the ultimates do, even when every appears to exist solely in order that the digicam can spotlight both their crotch or breasts. I did discover a few of this humorous thoughts – the legs-akimbo leaping bonk of Waffle making me giggle particularly. Lastly, sure bosses require a ending transfer from Otton, the aforementioned penis seal. To activate it you a lot improve his…pleasure…by rubbing the ladies frantically. In handheld mode, this felt gross because it felt like I used to be merely rubbing off a perverted seal. It didn’t assist when this AMAZING FINISHER turned out to be a literal white beam spraying from the highest of his bulbous head in the direction of the enemy. Sure, I did simply write that. General although, the gameplay simply isn’t that compelling. I’d even go as far as to say it’s boring at instances and gross at others, and that isn’t even mentioning the fan-service portion.

Oh, my lord. This subsequent part I’ve been completely dreading writing – might God have mercy on my soul and will my mom by no means learn it.


In additional RPGs, you stage up routinely, with stats rising and talents unlocking as a matter in fact. In some, it’s a must to actively exit of your option to stage up after getting sufficient expertise. On this, you unlock “booby extracts” by gathering experiences which may then be used to stage up exterior of battle. Doesn’t sound too dangerous but, proper? However what if I have been to inform you that as a way to stage up you wanted to drag, squeeze, pinch and faucet the character’s chest within the “booby coaching” minigame as a way to make any significant progress? Properly, you do, and in doing so you alter quite a few completely different parts of their breasts, which additionally confer bonuses and penalties to completely different stats. Would you like Parute to hit like a truck on the expense of defence? Enlarge her spheres to frankly painful ranges and it’ll be mirrored each in her stats and on her mannequin! Need Jewel to be small and perky? You are able to do it! On one hand – fully objectively – the mechanic might be probably the most attention-grabbing factor about Seven Pirates H, because it makes use of dynamic character-model modification as an indicator of stats and talents. This has been seen in a few different video games, however so far as I’m conscious by no means with fairly as many variables, and on this facet, it’s a real success. The physics concerned are additionally very spectacular, even when bigger characters do find yourself trying like they’re smuggling baggage of booze right into a pageant from the best way they bounce round. However, it’s just too far. After being uncovered to so many fan-service video games I’ve turn into fairly arduous to shock however this made me really feel extremely uncomfortable and like a real piece of labor. If it have been an non-compulsory further mini-game – like in most different examples of the style, I wouldn’t be so vital of the lingerie-clad breast-bouncing fan service. For it to be a central mechanic to precise development, repeated a whole bunch of instances with out an opt-out simply spoils it. The primary time it was vaguely amusing to quickly inflate a pirate, however by the hundredth, it had simply turn into annoying and gross.

I really feel like many of the points with Seven Pirates H come down to 1 factor and one factor alone, as is commonly the case when a sequence tries to evolve – the transition to 3D.  Within the early days of 3D, this was deadly to so many titles, as builders spent extra time on a brand new engine and graphical development than making an precise good sport, I can’t assist however really feel just like the Genkai Tokki guys fell into this age-old entice. Sure, it’s a handsome sport with a cutesy aesthetic and beautiful, thematically applicable music, but it surely’s not a good sport. It’s extremely brief when in comparison with its predecessors, has a tiny under-developed roster with no further costumes, has a lack-lustre story and quest construction and a small variety of abysmally designed dungeons. Sure, a number of the appeal and humour of Genkai Tokki did make the transition, however in all honesty, this entry is a large step backwards and it’s unsurprising that since its unique launch in 2016 there have been no new Genkai Tokki titles introduced.

In case you just like the sound of some cheeky, impolite humour with comparatively non-compulsory fan service and nice character designs impressed by mythology, Genkai Tokki is certainly the place you’ll discover it. Sadly, Seven Pirates H is not, and I merely can’t suggest it as a primary dip within the franchise. Sure, there’s some good right here – it feels very charming and pirate and the 3D battles do look a lot nicer than in earlier entries. I preferred the aesthetic design of the dungeons, they usually’re a lot less complicated to navigate if in depth, difficult first-person dungeon crawling isn’t your factor. Nonetheless, earlier than even contemplating choosing this up I’d suggest making an attempt Moero Crystal H – it’s merely a a lot better, significantly extra fleshed-out place to get your repair of tongue-in-cheek puerile giggles.

Builders: Felistella, Thought Manufacturing unit
Publishers: Compile Coronary heart, EastAsiaSoft

Reviewed on Nintendo Change

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