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Top 10 Best Ice Heroes

Ice heroes are a number of the most helpful models in Epic Seven because of their potential to supply leads to Wyvern Hunts, in addition to sort out huge bosses in Journey mode.

A number of the greatest PvP openers within the sport are Ice heroes, however additionally they have some unbelievable counter-attackers if that fits your play-style a bit extra.

Make no mistake, Ice models are typically extra generalised than different parts in Epic Seven. Slightly than specialising in a single particular gameplay side, they will typically be used amongst many several types of content material.

When you’re studying this, you’re probably seeking to diversify your hero pool. Placing gear and assets right into a unit may be disastrous in the event that they transform ineffective, so consulting this listing of one of the best Ice heroes is a good suggestion!

10) Angelica

Class: Soul Weaver

Methods to get: Connections and 4* Covenant Summon

Advisable Construct: Well being

Featured in one of the best Soul Weavers and greatest Heroes for Wyvern lists, Angelica is a staple of any Epic Seven participant’s assortment.

Loads of therapeutic energy, tankiness, and Immunity buffs make her an ideal alternative for a lot of early sport PvP and PvE builds.

In the direction of the late sport, Angelica is little greater than a forgotten hero as you purchase higher Soul Weavers.

Nevertheless, till then, she is going to carry you previous Episode 3 in Journey, Wyvern Hunts, Abyss Flooring, and Labyrinths.

9) Fairytale Tenebria

Class: Mage

Methods to get: 5* Restricted Summon (await her banner)

Advisable Construct: Pace | Effectiveness

Fairly a distinct segment unit however one which has quite a lot of makes use of in PvP and towards Archdemon Mercedes within the Corridor of Trials.

F. Tenebria spreads debuffs like wildfire, stripping buffs and forcing enemy models to assault your tankiest heroes.

Her potential to use poison is a pleasant boon for taking up sure Abyss flooring too.

Proper now, F. Tenebria has fallen out of the PvP meta as a result of abundance of quicker openers. Nevertheless, she continues to be a robust unit that would very properly see updates sooner or later for her to regain herself because the Queen of debuff openers.

8) Cerise

Class: Ranger

Methods to get: 5* Restricted Summon (await her banner)

Advisable Construct: Pace | Effectiveness

Cerise is a robust opener for PvP builds, stripping enemy buffs, lowering pace, and making use of the limit debuff. Since her talent 3 ignores elemental benefits, it virtually all the time lands!

Afterwards, her different talents are good for beautiful or triggering twin assaults.

The one downside with Cerise is her gear necessities. She wants quite a lot of pace, effectiveness, and offensive stats.

Resulting from how arduous she is to construct, I actually wouldn’t advocate her for brand spanking new gamers. Nevertheless, she is nice when you’ve reached finish sport and are capable of produce high quality units extra typically, so pull her in case you see her obtainable.

7) Emilia

Class: Soul Weaver

Methods to get: 5* Restricted Summon (await her banner)

Advisable Construct: Pace | Well being

Emilia is an excellent CR pusher, granting a slower hero (often your beefy DPS) a ton of fight readiness, in addition to elevated assault.

When you see a protection workforce containing Emilia with heroes like Bloodblade Karin or Arbiter Vildred, be sure to keep away from attacking it!

Presently, World Area (often called RTA; real-time area) offers Soul Weavers a further pace enhance, making Emilia much more precious in 2022.

Alongside her potential to make any gradual DPS a raid boss, Emilia can dispel all debuffs from allies earlier than therapeutic and offering a defend, though this talent does have an enormous cooldown.

6) Peira

Class: Thief

Methods to get: 5* Covenant Summon

Advisable Construct: Pace | Effectiveness

Boasting one of many highest base speeds of all heroes in the complete sport, Peira is a strong opener to debuff and assist allies.

After forcing enemy models to change into unable to be buffed and restricted for two turns, Peira beneficial properties an additional flip to spice up all allies’ assault stats, in addition to taking 30% of any harm dealt to allies.

She’s simple to construct as she enjoys just about each stat on the market, together with effectiveness and impact resistance. So long as you’re hitting at like 260 pace, she’ll be a robust beginning alternative for any PvP battle.

5) Eda

Class: Mage

Methods to get: 5* Covenant Summon

Advisable Construct: Pace | Effectiveness

Since her buff, Eda has seen important play within the PvP scene due to her succesful AoE debuffing energy.

She is able to beautiful whole groups, reducing their fight readiness, and making use of protection breaks.

Eda is unquestionably extra of a supportive PvP hero however she will be able to additionally deal some good harm.

Not a lot pace is required (about 220 most) as she will get a free fight readiness push each time an allied hero makes use of a non-attack talent.

4) Flan

Class: Ranger

Methods to get: 5* Covenant Summon

Advisable Construct: Pace | Effectiveness

Used as an opener for cleave builds, Flan is a wonderful hero for making use of the protection break debuff to all enemy heroes.

She is generally utilized in PvP however can have some utilization in PvE situations that require a single highly effective hero to do a lot of the harm.

Mainly, a staple of cleave builds, you must try the listing of greatest AoE DPS heroes for a listing of models she works greatest alongside.

3) Rem

Class: Warrior

Methods to get: 5* Restricted Summon (await her banner)

Advisable Construct: Counter | Immunity

Up there with essentially the most irritating models in the complete sport, Rem is presently one of the best counter-attacking hero in Epic Seven.

When an ally is attacked, Rem has an opportunity to counter with a hard-hitting AoE assault, lowering buff durations and rendering them unhealable.

Her particular buff “Demon Mode” is without doubt one of the greatest within the sport, massively lowering the enemy’s potential to have an effect on her with debuffs or particular results.

Rem is primarily a PvP hero and must be positioned in your protection workforce alongside different highly effective heroes that require your opponent to defeat earlier than Rem.

2) Seaside Bellona

Class: Ranger

Methods to get: 5* Restricted Summon (await her banner)

Advisable Construct: Crit Probability | Crit Injury

Thought-about to be top-of-the-line PvE heroes within the sport, Seaside Bellona is great in Abyss, Labyrinth, Expeditions, and even Wyvern hunts.

In PvP, SSB is a strong ranger who always hurls counter-attacks. Watch out when bringing her into Area fights, as she may be hard-countered by anti-counter and anti-AoE models like Angel of Mild Angelica and Lionheart Cermia.

Since she counter-attacks typically no matter which ally is attacked, SSB doesn’t want pace. As an alternative, attempt to get at the least 4000 assault, 300% crit harm, 100% crit probability, and 70% effectiveness.

Another stats can go into well being or protection for additional survivability.

1) Ran

Class: Thief

Methods to get: 5* Covenant Summon

Advisable Construct: Pace | Crit Probability

As of 2022, Ran is presently the strongest and most helpful Ice unit in Epic Seven.

Distinctive in PvE whereas retaining some PvE usages, numerous methods depend on Ran’s insane base pace stat.

With a base pace of 129, Ran solely wants a pace set with pace principal stat boots to attain 210 pace; greater than sufficient to outspeed something as much as Grasp rank in Area.

Ran can be nice within the Fireplace expedition due to his non-attack talent main into protection break.

As you begin to climb ranks, Ran actually wants at the least 280 pace to reliably go first in PvP fights.

If you may get that, a easy Ran cleave construct can simply carry you to Challenger and past!

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