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Best Anti-MOAB Towers & Upgrade Paths

As soon as upon a time, Bloons Tower Protection was a easy bloon popping expertise with minimal bloon sorts.

Over time, new bloons have been added to current a problem to gamers. Finally, even Lead and Ceramic bloons grew to become to simple to defeat, so Ninjakiwi wanted a brand new bloon sort.

Enter the MOAB-class bloon which at the moment are the strongest bloon sorts within the sport.

MOABs are inclined to have massively lowered pace on the expense of far, much more well being factors. As you get nearer to spherical 100, they will spawn en masse and bypass your defenses simply.

Inserting towers and upgrading them for bloon popping energy is a good suggestion however you don’t need each tower to be efficient towards regular bloons.

Some particular anti-MOAB towers and upgrades are required if you wish to move the more durable difficulties and gamemodes.

This record will element the ten greatest towers and upgrades for coping with MOAB class bloons.

I’ll be taking value into consideration as money might be scarce on increased difficulties!

10) Sniper Monkey: Cripple MOAB

Path: 1

Worth: $34,000

Cripple MOAB provides the Sniper Monkey a ton of utility for combating MOAB-class bloons.

Every shot will stun for between 0.75 and seven seconds, relying on the MOAB sort.

Set concentrating on to “Robust” for this tower so it’s at all times capturing the largest MOAB on display.

Surprised bloons additionally take extra injury from different towers.

With all this being stated, we like issues that shoot quick and hit arduous for max enjoyable and Cripple MOAB is extra of a tactical alternative.

It’s low-cost although, utilising the perfect beginning towers lets you purchase this entry as quickly as potential!

9) Bomb Shooter: Bloon Crush

Path: 1

Worth: $55,000

Similar to Cripple MOAB, Bloon Crush will even stun MOAB-class bloons for two seconds upon impression.

Due to its assault pace, this tower improve can completely stun incoming MOABs. Though shocked MOABs don’t take any further injury from this improve.

Huge boy B.A.D can’t be shocked by this or another stun assault.

Focusing on must be set to “Robust”, even MOABs just like the elusive D.D.Ts can’t bypass this tower improve.

8) Ice Monkey: Icicle Impale

Icicle Impact, one of the best rank 5 tower upgrades in Bloons Tower Defense 6

Path: 3

Worth: $30,000

Capable of closely gradual MOAB-class bloons and offers 50 injury per shot. For reference, a B.F.B has 700 well being.

Such a combination of crowd management and injury is uncommon for such an affordable tower improve.

Most MOABs are gradual already so additional lowering their motion pace is basically making them cease altogether.

And with the excessive injury to again it up, even D.D.Ts battle to get previous an Ice Monkey with Icicle Impale.

7) Tremendous Monkey: Legend of the Evening

Path: 3

Worth: $240,000

Some of the distinctive upgrades in Bloons Tower Protection historical past, Legend of the Evening has the best potential popping energy of something we’ve ever seen.

In addition to a pleasant base assault, this improve summons a black gap on the finish of the map when any bloons get too shut.

This black gap doesn’t simply devour bizarre bloons, actually any MOAB-class bloon will even be devoured!

Nonetheless, the black gap lasts for under 7.5 seconds so any spillage may end up in a defeat.

As a consequence of its worth, it’s undoubtedly not value going for except you’ve already handed spherical 100.

Legend of the Evening is a enjoyable, highly effective improve however not included in any viable methods for incomes medals.

6) Ninja Monkey: Grasp Bomber

Path: 3

Worth: $40,000

Grasp Bombers will launch an explosive in the direction of the strongest bloon each 2 seconds with limitless vary. After a brief delay, the bomb will explode for 1000 injury.

That’s sufficient injury to one-shot B.F.Bs and even fortified D.D.Ts.

Bomb explosions additionally stun targets they’re hooked up to for a quick second.

Simply bear in mind that whereas it does do heavy injury to MOAB-class bloons, plenty of bizarre bloons can bypass this tower improve fairly simply.

5) Wizard Monkey: Archmage

Archmage, one of the best rank 5 tower upgrades in Bloons Tower Defense 6

Path: 1

Worth: $32,000

Considered one of my private favourite tower upgrades within the sport, the Archmage is highly effective sufficient to deal with bloons of all sizes and shapes, together with MOABs.

Boasting appreciable injury per second reasonably than bursting for enormous injury, pair it with towers that may enhance its assault pace/injury or gradual/stun bloons.

I are inclined to rush the Archmage as quickly as potential because it’s among the best rank 5 upgrades you will get.

One factor to be careful for is ceramics. Archmages excel at popping MOAB-class bloons however battle to successfully cope with the ceramics that spawn from them.

4) Bomb Shooter: MOAB Eliminator

Path: 2

Worth: $25,000

MOAB Eliminator grants the Bomb Shooter a robust activated capability that offers 4500 injury to any MOAB-class bloons hit each 10 seconds. Its predominant assault additionally offers a pleasant 100 injury per shot.

Working greatest alongside towers or heroes who can buff activated skills, resembling Striker Jones, it might output a severe quantity of anti-MOAB injury.

Such a specialised tower improve means it does little injury to common bloons, particularly ceramics, so have some anti-bloon towers and upgrades to again up the MOAB Eliminator.

3) Boomerang Monkey: MOAB Domination

Path: 3

Worth: $60,000

Fairly a expensive alternative however one that may be invaluable throughout later rounds.

MOAB Domination’s boomerangs will deal heavy injury to ceramic and MOAB bloons, in addition to knocking again the latter.

The knockback impact appears to be dependant on how far by the map the MOAB is. I’d say the perfect place is simply after the half-way level of the monitor.

2) Monkey Ace: Flying Fortress

Flying Fortress, one of the most expensive upgrades in Bloons Tower Defense 6

Path: 3

Worth: $100,000

Raining dozens of nukes a second on the foremost, closest, and furthest again bloons is the Flying Fortress, probably the most costly tower upgrades within the sport.

Total, it’ll deal about 250 injury per second with none upgrades from pleasant towers.

Assault pace bonuses work amazingly with this tower improve so make certain it has an Alchemist and Monkey Village boosting it up.

1) Monkey Sub: Pre-Emptive Strike

Path: 2

Worth: $32,000

Simply essentially the most cost-effective anti-MOAB tower improve within the sport, though it’s solely placeable on maps containing water.

Whereas Pre-Emptive Strike is energetic, any spawned MOABs might be dealt 750 injury instantaneously.

Moreover, it comes with an energetic capability that fires a missile to deal heavy injury in a big radius each 45 seconds.

Its base assault additionally will get a considerable buff to bonuses towards MOABs and ceramics.

Whereas it’ll by no means fully solo total teams of MOABs, its total usefulness makes it the perfect anti-MOAB alternative in Bloons TD 6!

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